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Instructor: Wayne T. McCarthy -

Mission: These courses are designed to prepare students for the world of graphics and entrepreneurship in the age of high tech. Through the use of new technologies and traditional business practices, project-based activities will help students prepare to succeed using 21st century skills. Are you an Entrepreneur?

Course description: The topics covered in this course will focus heavily on the use of new technologies and traditional communication skills in acquiring an understanding of entrepreneurship beneficial to those interested in printing, graphic communications, and starting their own business.

Also covered will be personal presentation skills, centering on the importance of image and message. The course is intended to improve organization and management skills, as well as cover the steps necessary to deal successfully with clients.

Topics include Ethics, Business Plans, Communications skills, Dreamweaver, HTML, and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. New technologies will be introduced, discussed and investigated as the year proceeds. Students are encouraged to explore new technologies and software with an eye towards maximizing cutting-edge opportunities.

Course Schedules:
633 Exploratory for Graphic Communications meet four periods per week and meet in Room 187-188.

676 Graphic Communications I meet in Room 187-188.

New students are requested to fill out and submit the completed Student Questionnaire.