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Are You an Entrepreneur?

1. Desire and Passion:
I have a fervent drive to succeed and zeal for the tasks required.

2. Energy:
I have stamina to tackle problems.

3. Ability to Thrive on Uncertainty:
I can prosper in an environment with many questions and few answers.

4. Determination and Resiliency:
I can hang on in hard times and recover quickly.

5. Accountability:
I take responsibility for my own success.

6. Persuasiveness:
I Convincingly communicate with others—bankers, vendors, employees.

7. Self-Discipline:
I can do the tasks necessary to succeed, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

8. Self-Confidence:
I believe that somehow I can solve whatever problems arise.

9. Social Responsibility:
I am passionately motivated to share success and wealth by giving back.

10. Ethics:
I deal with others with honesty and integrity.

11. Ability to Value Appropriate Control Systems:
I value the management and control systems necessary to run a business.

12. Problem Solving:
I have an ability to anticipate and troubleshoot problems.

13. Networking:
I connect with others and build strategic relationships.

14. Market Awareness:
I can scan the marketplace and assess potential needs and gaps.

15. Low Support Needs:
I provide for my own needs with little support from others.

16. Business Knowledge:
I have a basis for making effective, profitable business decisions.

17. Good People Judgment:
I can pick the right people to help execute my vision.