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Competency List

The following Competencies will be assessed as the year progresses. The intent is to have all students demonstrating the skills defined in the Competency List. Students are encouraged to keep this Competency List throughout the year. If you feel any skill has not been covered sufficiently to enable a satisfactory Competency, review the lesson by consulting notes taken during class, following a link from this list to an on-line review, or contacting the instructor for ideas and suggestions on increasing your level of Competency. Courses 676, 623 and 665 have additional competencies that will be covered. (see links at end of page) You should assess your level of Competency by marking each item as follows:

1 = I have been introduced to the concept
2 = I can demonstrate with limited assistance
3 = I can demonstrate independent mastery

A. Achieving Success in this Class

  1. Demonstrate promptness and attendance
  2. Demonstrate Cooperative Work Skills
  3. Demonstrate Attention to Detail
  4. Demonstrate initiative
  5. Complete Competencies

B. Creating a Portfolio/ Binder

  1. Acquire a 3-Ring Binder
  2. Organize Dividers for Self Reflection / Review
  3. Maintain order and organization

C. Understanding Safety and Ergonomics

  1. Pass a safety test
  2. Read all MSDS Sheets
  3. Maintain equipment and software
  4. Review the Employee's Right to Know Law
  5. Review Child Labor Laws

D. Developing Job Skills and Work Ethic

  1. Demonstrate Timeliness
  2. Demonstrate Attention to Detail
  3. Demonstrate Appropriate Behavior
  4. Demonstrate Adherence to Task
  5. Demonstrate Completing of Assignments
  6. Demonstrate Teamwork, Responsibility, Ethics, and Morality

E. Planning Business Development

  1. Research Creative Ideas, Innovation, Invention
  2. Determine Nuts and Bolts of Project Costs and Expenses
  3. Determine Equipment Requirements
  4. Determine Insurance Requirements / Benefits
  5. Determine Legal Requirements

F. Managing Business Meetings and Procedures

  1. Demonstrate Meeting Leadership
  2. Demonstrate Meeting Participation
  3. Research Robert's Rules of Order

G. Developing the Business Plan

  1. Demonstrate Business Writing Skills
  2. Research the Competition
  3. Determine Market Potential
  4. Conduct Self-Assessment (Strengths and Weaknesses)
  5. Assemble a Team
  6. Demonstrate Presentation Skills

H. Pursuing Venture Capital

  1. Understand the Role of Venture Capital
  2. Understand Return On Investment
  3. Research Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship

I. Working in a Team Setting

  1. Demonstrate Skills and Responsibilities Assessment
  2. Determine personal role on Team
  3. Demonstrate Leadership
  4. Demonstrate Mechanical (HTML and Hardware) skills
  5. Demonstrate Mediation Skills
  6. Demonstrate Organization

J. Researching Legal Responsibilities and Requirements

  1. Search the Web for Current Information

K. Starting a Web Business

  1. Conduct a Needs Assessment
  2. Conduct Delphi Sessions

L. Managing Customer Service Relationships

  1. Demonstrate Listening Skills
  2. Demonstrate Assessment Skills
  3. Demonstrate Knowledge of Subject
  4. Demonstrate Knowledge of Resources
  5. Dem0nstrate Communication Skills
  6. Demonstrate Telephone Skills

M. Developing Interview Skills

  1. Demonstrate Presentation Skills via Mock Interview
  2. Demonstrate Appropriate Appearance
  3. Conduct an Interview
  4. Review / Debrief both Interviews

N. Learning the Tools of a Computer Technology

  1. Research The Internet and its History
  2. Explore Search Routines (Engines, etc.)
  3. Understand Usability Issues
  4. Explore Design Options and Techniques
  5. Demonstrate File Management Ops
  6. Demonstrate use of Intranet
  7. Demonstrate Use of Cloud Computing

O. Learning the Skills of a Teacher of Technology

  1. Conduct Student Assessment
  2. Determine the Goal of Assignment
  3. Plan the Course
  4. Deliver the Lesson
  5. Review for Comprehension

P. Planning for Future Education

  1. Write a Resume
  2. Write a Cover Letter
  3. Conduct College Research
  4. Plan College Visits
  5. Determine Courses / Subjects Offered
  6. Determine Tuitions / Fees
  7. Determine Financial Aid Options
  8. Determine Scholarship Options
  9. Review College Applications
  10. Prepare for College Interviews

R. Graphic Communications (676) Competencies

S. Graphic Communications II (633) Competencies

T. Graphic Communications III (665) Competencies