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The Current Assignment

The summer reading assignment was Laurie Halse Anderson's book "Speak" announced prior to school closing last spring. You were to haveread and prepared to reviewf important aspects of the reading associated with each of the classes you take.

A significant aspect of the Graphic Communications classes is concentrated on communication. Failures in communication are among the leading causes for business failure, both in business and in personal affairs. If you cannot communicate with your vendors, your ordering and invoicing struggle. If you cannot communicate with your clients, your web sites and technology will not see successful implementation. If you cannot reach your clients' customers, their business, and yours, will suffer. If you cannot communicate with your partners, employees, or teammates your projects will fail.

With this in mind, please find and reference the relevant passages in Speak that highlight these successes and failures and write a professional report detailing possible solutions to prevent future recurrences. Please use business report formatting, with spelling and grammar checked for accuracy before submitting them to the instructor.

Email any questions to Mr. McCarthy at

Finished papers are to be attached to an email and sent to the same email address no later than one week from assignment.