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Portfolio Guidelines

The following guidelines cover expectations for student Portfolio creation and maintenance. It is hoped that initiative and creativity are evident in the building of the Portfolio. Organization, neatness, and functionality are important aspects of the Portfolio, as it can be a tool useful in demonstrating the abilities learned during the course of study. Occasional and unannounced checks of the Porfolio will be conducted, and students are expected to maintain the Portfolio as an ongoing project. If an opportunity arises for a student to work on a new client project, or interview for a position as an intern, their Portfolio must first meet expectations before the student will be allowed the privilege of applying. Constant maintenance is essential to success. If a student is unable to acquire a binder, please contact the instructor for further assistance.

Creating a Portfolio

  1. You will be given a space in our file cabinet where you are to store your work between classes. Remember that this Porfolio will accompany you on interviews for jobs, to meetings with clients, and any special events held by the class during the school year.
  2. Organize Dividers for Self Reflection / Review. The number of dividers is your personal choice. One section must contain copies of work assigned by the instructor. You may want to create a section to hold copies of reference materials. Another section may be for notes taken during class, lessons on PhotoShop or other software, or resource materials such as web sites or articles cut from magazines or newspapers. The number and selection of sections is up to each individual. The assessment will be made based on the functionality and thought expressed by the Portfolio.
  3. Maintain order and organization. Whatever sections appear in the Portfolio, they must have an organization and sequence that can be explained and justified by the individual. The Porfolio must be constantly maintained, and ready for inspection at any time.
  4. If more than one binder is necessary, coherency must be maintained. Binders must be labeled and a table of contents must be present in each binder.
  5. Portfolios on the cloud (Google Drive) should be organized in a similar fashion, and may be submitted for credit at any time.

Portfolios may be left in the classroom at student's discretion.