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The following information will be updated from time to time. Please check here should you find need of material for any assignments. If the material is not posted, please contact me and I will send you the information, and also post it for future reference.

The web sites listed may or may not be currently active or updated. Should you find a dead link, or you feel a resource is unacceptable, please contact me and I will investigate further. If you find a site that offers material helpful to our class, please inform me via email, and I will add it to this website.

Jacob Nielsen Alertbox Current Issues in Web Usability.

Art and the Zen of Web Sites

Computer Basics Tutorials

W3C Tutorials

HTML Goodies

Information on cascading style sheets.

Copyright and Fair Use.

The Ultimate Student Guide to Images

Library of Congress.

Computer Based Training.

Business Plans

Marketing Experiments.

20 Tips for a Design Portfolio

The History of Typography

Typography Lessons

The Elements of Typographic Style

All About Paper

Papermaking at Mohawk

All About Envelopes / And Even More


Principles of Graphic Design (34 min)

5 Things You Don't Learn in Graphic Design Class (except here!)

Text Logos in Photoshop (12 min)

How to Make Logos in Photoshop (16 min)

The Golden Ratio

Graphic Comm Central

Offset Printing Technologies

How to Specify for Printing Color

Resources for Graphic Design

Xante Tutorial

Rhino-Tuff Bindery

Dye-Sublimation Printer

Books and instructional materials used in these courses in .pdf format: